Mushrooms set

Today I have a small decorative mushroom set for you.
Included are 4 new meshes with many recolors. I hope you like this little set ! :)


Wand shop set

One of my big obessions are the Harry Potter books and movies. 
So I decided to create a diagon alley wand shop, just like the one Mister Ollivander owns.
I hope you enjoy this little set! It took me quite a long time, but I am happy with it! 
And tell me if you would like to have more Harry Potter inspired objects :)


Witchy ingredients set

I am back with witchy stuff!
Here we have some potion ingredients i thought you might like :)
The dragon head and the pixie in the cage are extracted from the Harry Potter game.
And I can already tell you, my next set will be about wands!


Soft set

I tried something different this time and created this quite "normal" set. It's called "soft set" because I used very soft colors. Hope you like it! (and don't worry, I will be back with more alternative content soon!)


Haunted mansion set

Halloween is near, so I decided to create this haunted mansion set :)
If you like it, let me know - and I will do another part!
(note: Some of these objects are downloaded 3d models, I retextured them + converted them to the game)


Herbology set

I am back witch many new objects + recolors for your Sims 2 witches and wizards :)
I wanted to create a set again which is all about plants.
The set comes with a collection file (like all my sets)
Thanks for downloading and let me hear what you think :)


Recolors for my Avantgarden set

I made 7 new Recolors for my Avantgarden! 
It turned the set into something completely different - but it is still very avantgarde! 
IMPORTANT: The meshes are not included, you have to download the Avantgarden set before: HERE