Mushrooms set

Today I have a small decorative mushroom set for you.
Included are 4 new meshes with many recolors. I hope you like this little set ! :)

(collection file is included)

enjoy! :) And maybe leave a comment :P


  1. Shrooms!!!! I love them. Thank you for creating and sharing these beauties!

    Luv n stuff, Lydiasuzanne

  2. These are great! Perfect for any forest floor or Fairy Ring.

    *ClstlDrmr83 @ Plumb Bob Keep

  3. Very lovely! I love to have fungi of various sorts in my forest lots, thank you for sharing these. Greywolf3 at PBK

  4. Nice work.
    My huge thanks.
    Fata Morgana

  5. I'm not sure where to ask you about this... do you have any policy regarding conversions of your objects to TS3/TS4?

    1. Yes I have, My creations are for Sims 2 - and for Sims 2 only. So I can't accept any kind of conversion. But you can convert them for your personal use.

  6. Wow, this will make the whole game more exciting. Thanks!

  7. Hello, I really love your work, but I think there are some problem about app.box.com.
    I've tried to use different computer and internet to download several times but failed. If you can help with this problem I'll be very appreciate......maybe move the files to another cloud storage.
    Anyway, thank you for making such gorgeous objects, they make me find the enthusiasm to sims2 again!